Portfolio Management Discipline

Portfolios are constructed bottom-up based on the best ideas of the research analysts.

Portfolio managers and analysts challenge each other to defend the assumptions behind each recommendation in order to build consensus around the investment thesis.

Additional responsibilities of the portfolio managers include risk assessment, position sizing, and identification of unintended factor concentrations.

Portfolio reviews are conducted regularly to reassess conviction with the objective of attaining optimum exposure for each position.

The team collectively reviews its investment successes and mistakes in an ongoing effort to improve its investment process.

Buy Disciplines

  • Relative valuation
  • Relative growth prospects
  • Current income / future income
  • Total return potential over next 18 – 36 months
  • Management quality / experience

Sell Disciplines

  • Negative change in fundamentals
  • Relative valuation less attractive
  • Make room for new position
  • Trim core positions when meaningfully exceed 5%